Thrifty Treasures saved me lots of money this week!

    I'm joining Rhoda at for Today's Thrifty Treasures. I too love yard sales, or as they are advertised around here, garage sales. I try to go early every Saturday during May and June if it works out weather and family wise. I prefer to go by myself, always say a polite hi to the sellers, take a quick peek and if I see nothing I want, say thanks and move on. I try to get to as many as I can in the first hour or so. I too have learned the value of picking up what I want, or speaking for a piece. I have been on the lookout for lamps and picture frames and hit the jackpot this weekend:
    I found this pair of lamps, 3 heavy picture frames, and a great NEW throw at one place. The lady had amazing stuff but her driveway was very busy. By the time I got her attention to ask some prices, some other great stuff was snatched up. I quickly spoke for the lamps when she said $20 (all amounts in Canadian$) for the pair. I saw a similar pair recently in our small town's pricey decor shop for quite a bit. I am wondering if they will need new shades, or will I get away with these for awhile. Would love your opinion. The frames are heavy pieces and I got them for $1 each (two 5x7's and one 3.5 x 5), great prices for around here.

    I can always put the lamps in another room or I could give them a spray of my go-to satin black, but I kind of like the finish. Another thing to think about.
    This throw was brand new, still had store tags on it (the seller said she worked/owned? a home decor store and was changing out her living room and cleaning out storage.) It is leather like on one side, the pattern isn't showing up well in this picture, and a thick furry back. It also has a hidden zipper and is very thick and heavy. This was my steal of the day, for a whopping $5. The original tag had price from the same pricey home decor store for $98. I would never be able to drop that kind of money for a throw. (Last month's 50 cent crystal vase is on the tray.)
    These three nesting bowls were $3 for the set. They are made in Portugal for overandback. Great to replace a pyrex set that broke recently.
    These cute little frames were only 50 cents each at a different sale. Less than a coffee at Tim Hortons! Another thing I learned this weekend--next time I might ask to make a pile of paid items off to the side (but within sellers view), because by the time I got to my car with the lamps in two trips, I went back and so much great stuff was already gone. Gee, am I sounding greedy! She really had some great stuff though. My hubby has commented several times lately about some of my great finds and is amazed at the prices. Buying one of these things retail this week would have been a really hard decision financially, but the garage sale prices made them possible. Thanks for checking out my finds this week! Please stop by any time, I love comments. Make sure you stop back at Rhoda's to check out all the other great posts! I'm off to do that myself. 'See' you there!

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Thrifty Treasures saved me lots of money this week!

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