Thank You for Joining the Cloche Party

    There is no way I could ever thank all 118 of you enough for joining the "Cloche Party" and making it such a huge success and so much FUN. I tried to see all of your creations and I have been left totally in awe of how creative everyone is. So many beautiful cloches and displays. Some of you said you didn't have a cloche of the standard variety, but boy you sure came thru with tons of different cloches. I've posted just a few pictures of some of the different types of material that cloche forms come in. Please forgive me, I forgot to give each of you credit for these pics, but I do appreciate them all so much.

    See the pretty little wire one.

    I love the square bottom on this one.

    Both of these with the little birds are so pretty.

    Now she was only kidding, but it just cracked me up. It really is a cloche.

    Now this is the one I really want. I just need a bigger yard and win the lottery.

    Don't you just love the chicken wire with the crown top. Such fun.

    Look at these beauties.

    Now this is called using what you have and I love it.

    I have never seen so many beautiful shapes before.

    Just look how pretty the chicken wire and glass go together.

    I am so totally fascinated with these pretty chicken wire ones.

    This iron one is so stately.

    Pretty shaped iron with the tall finial.

    So pretty with the little bird on top. I love how open it is too.

    The scroll work on this one is so lovely.

    Another gorgeous metal beauty with such a pretty finial on top.

    She said a cloche was to cover important things. I really chuckled over this one because my coffee is really important to me. lol

    Another beautiful wire one used with a sweet little glass one.

    You guys all had such fabulous glass cloches and apothecary jars and they were filled with so much inspiration and creativity that I could never have thought of. If you missed any of them, you really missed a lot. Every one was so stunning. You gave me a thrill and some great laughs. I really do thank you all for playing. The poll shows that you would like to have another one seasonally. So how about we schedule the next one for fall. Maybe sometime in Sept? Thank you again to all!!!

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Thank You for Joining the Cloche Party

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