Our Pets

    Up until two years ago we didn't have any pets, and I was quite happy about that.

    Then our oldest son joined 4-H showing beef and dairy cows and asked if he could have a rabbit to join the rabbit club. We agreed to the rabbit.

    K showed great maturity and after much convincing and pleading by both our boys, we agreed to get a family dog. Being pet owners was in neither hubby or my plans, in fact we were really opposed to it. There was the cost, and the responsibility, allergies and the potential for dog hair and messes.

    My list was never ending it seemed. But sometimes as parents we have to put our kid's wants and needs before our own. We have to take risks. Hubby and I decided that we had to take a chance and let our boys prove that they were responsible enough. And I had to let go and learn to deal with the grass and the dog hair.They were growing up way too quickly and surely we could do this one thing for them. So the search began for our family dog.

    Our sons really wanted a Lab or Retriever and we found a great breeder and became the owners of a registered chocolate Lab female, Remington 2nd. Of course there were some adjustments to our routine including that our youngest and I were both initially very nervous of her. But we got through them. K was a great help in making the transition.

    Now we can't imagine not having her. And I'm almost learning to live with the dog hair :) . Our one rabbit now has a breeding mate, and her first litter of eight (K's new business.) Plus a new buck from my nephew in Sudbury is arriving this weekend. That will make 11 rabbits until some of the babies head to their new homes with other 4-H kids in the coming weeks. And yes, we live in town on a very small lot but we are coping. 

    This girl is adding to some great family memories too. I'm joining the pet party feature at SNS Funky Junk Interiors. I still sometimes shake my head when I think back to how determined I was to not be a pet owner.

    Hoping you have a great weekend! We finally have some sunshine and warmer weather.


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Our Pets

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