Going Green ~ Caterer's Plates

    We are making simple changes in our home and the way we entertain. We have a very large extended family and host lots of casual bbq's and parties. Paper and foam plates are easy to use but are often difficult to balance on your lap. We decided to try and serioulsy cut down on the amount we buy and use when I came across two caterer's twelve packs of square white plates on clearance at Homesense.

    It worked out to less than a dollar a piece and they not only look good, but can be used again and again. Plus, they are sturdy. We now have 24 for large gatherings, and I might just pick up another set for backup.

    I shared how we were making choices that were greener for the environment by collecting all our old mismatched flatware patterns instead of using disposable cutlery here.  I'm still searching for a tote to seperate the forks, knives and spoons but this will work in the meantime.

    We also have cut waaaay down on paper towel use by using bar mops and inexpensive dish towels here.
    A few simple changes but I think they are very worthwhile. We are looking forward to getting our gazebo and patio stuff out of winter storage, hopefully this upcoming weekend.

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Going Green ~ Caterer's Plates

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