Postcard Correspondence Party at Fairfield House

    Deborah at Fairfield House is having a correspondence party and I've joined.
    She has written a great post about the dying art of written correspondence and has set up a McLinky to encourage some good old fashioned postcard writing.

    My mother had a nice collection of lovely old postcards that my paternal grandmother in Manchester, England exchanged with her husband who came ahead to settle in Canada. My grandmother and my dad's brother followed a few years later. My dad is now 80 and he was born in Canada when my uncle was 17 so these are pretty old. Here is one of them:
    This one is postmarked 1916:
    Some of the postcards my mother inherited from her mother-in-law were for special occasions and were not posted:
    We are going to send each other postcards, preferably about ourselves, our town, state (or province in my case), etc. I asked and Deborah said that Canadians are welcome too. When Deborah has received a card from all 50 states, she is going to have a give-away. I've already received an address request from one of the participants.

    If you like to hold handwritten notes, join us…it’s going to be fun. One of my dreams is to visit all states, provinces and territories in Canada and the U.S. Getting postcards from many of these places is something I am looking forward to. McLinky is up over at Fairfield House. I hope to get a postcard from you.

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Postcard Correspondence Party at Fairfield House

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