A Calf Print for the Photo Gallery

    We added this prize winning Charolais calf to the photo gallery in our living room.

    A professional photographer I am NOT, but I enjoy printing and framing photographs I have taken of our family and interests including the huge barn photo in our living room and the barn photos in our kitchen. It is not expensive original art, but I love the look and personality they give to our home. I had an 8" x 10" print made from the photo I took of my son's 4-H calf project at the Royal and added it to this photo gallery in the living room that is STILL a work in progress.  With Christmas, work, and family I realize that this gallery is not going to be finished before Christmas, but I can live with that. We don't go back to school and work after the holidays until January 9th so that will give me some time to devote to it then, and save me stress worrying about it now. That's how I roll.

    These photos of the print aren't as good as the in-real-life print which shows the beautiful old barnboard of the Royal Winter Fair barn stalls. But then, the in-real-life print doesn't do justice to the real live calf either. She is a prize winning beauty and we are thankful to our friends, her owners, who allowed our son to show her this past year.

    I hope you are having a great weekend! I'm sharing this with...

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A Calf Print for the Photo Gallery

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