An IKEA Slipcover Made Me Do It

    IKEA and Susie Harris @ Bienvenue put me on Cloud Nine too!
    It all started with Susie Harris at Bienvenue being on Cloud Nine. Susie used an IKEA Ektorp sofa slipcover in Blekinge White to cover her not IKEA red sofa. A lightbulb moment. Maybe an Ektorp slipcover would fit our family room couch with the blue green black beige multi coloured, sure it will hide dirt, and yes I love all those colours but did I have to have them all on one piece of upholstery what was I thinking moment? I have been dreaming of a new white slipcovered couch, but it wasn't in our budget and our couch and a matching chair are still in great condition. Our couch and the Ektorp are similar shapes. We discovered that the attached back cushions were actually inserts in an attached and zippered cover. If we took the back inserts out, the slipcover just might work. Susie was kind enough to answer my questions and off I went to IKEA (50 km door to door and 35 minutes) for a $59 white slipcover. It fit, a bit short but I will do something to fix that later. Thanks Susie!

    Then the moving began. You know how moving one thing inevitably means moving something else? I decided to use the white couch in the living room, a room used for conversation and reading. The natural light in the living room is minimal. Dark wall colours make it look like a cave so the walls in here have to stay light. I'm hoping to make this more of a dual purpose room, relaxing/visiting and a sort of library/reading room.
     After: New slipcover and moved to living room.
    Before below: Without slipcover in the family room 
    I'll be rearranging lots more in this room. I would like to totally rework the shelf accessories and mirrors. Maybe they don't work there?? I like this area rug, but it doesn't have to be used in this room. The table to the right of the couch in the living room is now a computer table in the family room, so I'll need to find tables for in here. Confused yet?    This is the Liz Claiborne fabric I have for drapes in the living room. I have extra and could make pillows.

    Using the white couch in the living room meant moving my leather sofa to the family room, where we watch tv and spend most of our time. The leather couch is very comfortable and one of my favourite pieces in our home. The large ottoman (not shown) will be getting a slipcover, not sure what colour, and will go in front of the leather couch. I like a touch of blue in all my rooms and will be adding some here too. I recently recovered two floor pillows in an outdoor fabric blue and white stripe (see striped pillow in the top photo). 
    After: Leather couch moved to family room. Lamps from our bedroom.
    (The walls are not pink, bad lighting at dinner time and in a hurry to keep moving, and the spots must be on my camera)
    Before: Our leather couch in the living room

    Lots to do still, but at least we figured out the big pieces. I want our home to have a lakeside and farmhouse feel, a bit of beach at the lake and farmhouse all wrapped together somehow. I will be posting photos and asking opinions as I go along too.

    Thanks for stopping by and if you have any ideas I would love to hear them in the comments.

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An IKEA Slipcover Made Me Do It

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