Patio Dining Inspiration

    Oddly enough, in all the years we have been married and those same years that we have been homeowners, we have never owned a patio dining set.

    Lots of inexpensive sets are available at chain retailers everywhere, but I could never commit to a set.

    Since discovering blogging, I have been encouraged so often by fellow bloggers and I am better understanding my style preferences. I am learning what I like, why I like certain things, and what works for us as a family.

     As I continue to plan our outdoor spaces, I have realized that the traditional patio tables with all their matching pieces (at least the ones in our price range) have never really appealed to me. The outdoor dining table and chairs that I dream of are indoor furniture pieces used outdoors or mismatched wood, wicker and iron items. Farmhouse tables, hand made plank tables, mismatched painted chairs and worn wood and paint finishes.

    I am learning that I prefer a collected over time look. I also like weathered or painted wood. I'm not a big fan of factory finished vinyl coatings. For me. I think matching aluminum or vinyl sets work great for so many people, but I just can not commit to it. I just wish I had realized this before I made the quick decision last year to buy our sectional sofa for our gazebo (photo below.)

    Have you been there? Great price, last one in the store, calling hubby on the cell to bring the truck while the kids claim the box? It's nice, I do like it, but I don't love it. Too modern for me. I've got a bit too much "country girl" or "junk gypsy" in me to really be satisfied with it. So, I'm going to try and sell it on Kijiji. We used it for one month and stored it indoors all winter and if I can get close to what I paid I'll part with it. If not, I'll have to make it work.

    Ah, but if I do sell it, I'll be using my beloved Muskoka/Adirondack chairs for seating. At least four and with lots of pretty pillows. Reclining at its best.

    For the dining table and chairs I will be using these photos from Country Living for inspiration.
    Our current metal gazebo will hopefully one day be replaced with a wood pergola. Big chunky posts framing our patio. Filtered sunlight. Solid and sturdy. So my plan is to try and sell the sectional and hit the yard sales for inexpensive mismatched chairs, an old farmhouse table and unusual buckets for plants. Here's hoping!

    edited to add: we sold the sectional, and for more than we paid for it because we got it at such a deep discount. We found the farmtable and are searching now for metal chairs in our budget.

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