Gorgeous Christmas Salt Box in ConneCticut

    Isn't this a pretty front door for Christmas and winter?

    It belongs to this charming salt box home in Connecticut...

    and the owners,  Frank and Andra Mollica. Many of you may have seen the article in Country Living magazine, or on countryliving online, but I can't help sharing it. I admire the colours, textures, and simple feel of this home so much (including the Christmas decor.) 

    The wall and trim colours are very much like our main floor and hallways. Love the little trees in bowls and buckets. I would love to have a wall of windows with a wreath in each one. I might just have to try a similar look in our family room. Hmm...

    The galvanized tub for a tree stand is another perfect touch, in my opinion. Can you tell I like my home to be a little simpler, a little more rustic?

    Stop by the link to CL if you would like to see the kitchen and other photos. I'm going to strain my eyes analyzing these photos a bit longer ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends today. Enjoy your weekend and safe travels, including to my sister, brother-in-law and two nieces travelling today from here in Ontario to Pittsburgh, PA. We have our family room tree up, but lots of decorating still to do. On another note, I have always considered myself a pretty good speller, but I really did not know that Connecticut had that middle 'c'. 

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Gorgeous Christmas Salt Box in ConneCticut

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