Silver Sunday - Family Heirlooms

    Today I am joining Gypsy Fish for another fabulous Silver Sunday. Be sure to go by and see all the wonderful silver everyone is showing.

    It was definitely time to clean the silver. I am not a big fan of the tarnished look for me, and mine was looking pretty bad, so I thought this was the best time to show the pieces that I have. Some are mine, my mom's and my mother-in-laws.

    It seems that trays are one of the most popular gifts to give, and I have quite an assortment.

    This wonderful cream and sugar on it's own tray belonged to my mom.

    I love the border decoration on this tray and it is actually deep enough to be used as a bowl too.

    I have two pieces in this pattern that belonged to my MIL. They are footed and just lovely.

    This is the square one. Unfortunately both have spots that won't polish out.

    See the pretty feet.

    This piece belonged to my mom and again can be used as a bowl.

    This is the piece that I use the most. I broke the original glass pie plate, but it works well with this one. I love the elegance it gives to any pie.

    This pretty tray belonged to my MIL. I love the detail on it.

    This tray is mine and the pattern matches my cakestand. It's a really nice size for almost anything.

    Tiny tray of mine just perfect for mints.

    My cakestand that matches the tray. I use this a lot.

    The same design as the tray.

    A few more pieces. ( I cleaned a lot of silver )

    You've seen me use this coffee service in several of my tablescapes. Love this piece.

    I use this water pitcher all the time too. Great for lemonade or a bouquet of flowers.

    A Paul Revere bowl.

    I saw that Ceekay had one of these wonderful dishes too. I love that it folds up for storage and display.

    When you open it, you have 3 lovely trays to serve on. I use this a lot.

    This butter butler was my mom's and I just love it.

    Isn't the inside pretty too. It does have a glass dish that fits inside to hold the butter, but I wanted to show the pretty design.

    Well, that's it except for a couple of silver accessories. I really do enjoy all of my silver. I am going to try and use it more often. Thanks for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.

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Silver Sunday - Family Heirlooms

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