Peeking Inside My Old House

    Have you ever been curious how your last house looks now? When we sold our house 5 yrs ago and retired, we decided to downsize. (Still trying to adjust to that decision.) We sold our house to a couple that she said she was an interior designer and liked the bones of the house. I have always wondered what she did with it. Well, it recently went up for sale again and I saw it on Multiple Listing with these pictures of 2 rooms. Now the listing said the house had been decorated professionally.

    This is a picture in the listing of the kitchen. I was a little shocked. I don't see any decorations anywhere, and suppossedly they still live in the house. I don't see any decorations on the top of the cabinets or the bridge area dividing the living/dining room. ( I've tried to enlarge these pictures, but I can't. )

    This is a picture of the same area of the kitchen when we lived there and sold it. My decorations may not be everyone's taste and I am certainly not a professional, but I still like the way I had it better.

    This is a picture of the breakfast area to the right of the kitchen.

    This is their picture of the familyroom that joins the kitchen as one big open room.

    A picture from the same angel when we lived there. I still like mine better. If you've followed my blog you can see I still have all the same furniture and accessories.

    This shows a picture of the other side of the familyroom.

    I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I saw the pictures. I don't know what I expected, but I really thought it would be a little more grand. Have you ever been back to see one of your previous homes and what did you think?

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Peeking Inside My Old House

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