A Pro Cake Decorator I Will Never Be!

    It's a good thing that my cakes taste better than they look!

    We have a huge extended family, so for parties like our oldest son's recent Confirmation, a sheet cake helps feed a hungry crowd and is usually requested. I have pretty much all the tools I would need for elegant cakes (except that I need to replace my paste colours 'cause all I had left was yellow or orange), but I'm usually impatient rushing and get sloppy with the decorating. I know it is fine, it works, but I just think if I practiced when the pressure wasn't on, the results might just be a little more professional looking.

    That's it, even though I have been making them for a few years now, I'll practice more. At least there will be more excuses for cake! I also feel better when I think of the numerous cakes I have made, and the money we saved over bakery prices.

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A Pro Cake Decorator I Will Never Be!

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