Two Curtain Choices

    I mentioned when I painted the living room that I might use the blue paisley curtains I made.

    A second choice would be to use these striped tablecloths to make new curtains.

    The paisley:

    Or the stripe:

    The denims and whites pillows will most likely be used in this room, so with that in mind, what is your opinion? One of these, or something else entirely? (The drop cloth drapes are currently in our bedroom.)

    My design style is a rustic country, with a mix of a farmhouse and lakeside feel. This is our main living room at the front of our home, but we only use it as a quiet sitting room for reading and visiting with family. The small pine hutch will most likely stay until I find larger wood bookcases in a similar style. I would love you to share your ideas!

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Two Curtain Choices

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