How do you define your design style?

    Are you able to define your design style? I think having a design style or 'vision' of our home is important. It helps me in making decisions and purchases. I have been struggling trying to define my decorating style. I admire so many of your blogs, and get great inspiration from them too. I definitely know what I like and what I don't like. Like many people, my budget is usually the biggest factor in decisions I make regarding decorating our home. I often 'make do' or 'redo' to make things work for now. Luckily for me, my husband likes whatever I do.
    I took the style quiz on and it said my style is Crafted Simplicity. Discover Your Style on The blurb says: "Simple shapes and strong lines. Fine craftsmanship mixes with natural materials. I'm drawn to Arts and Crafts, Mission and Shaker styles."

    I will have to investigate this further, but I can see elements of what I like in this style, although not exclusively. I like a neutral, rustic version of things. Less 'period' or 'history' specific, and more a feeling, colours and textures. I admire several decorating styles including a woodsy lakefront beach look (not tropical). I love a farmhouse or timber frame home with leather furniture, great wood pieces, farmhouse tables, some painted pieces, stone, rustic metals and my favourite colours: neutrals, browns, creams, whites, black, and blues (from navy to aquas) with a hint of green. While I have tried other colours, bought countless other fabric and accessory colours, I always 'find' my way back to these basics. My favourite fabrics, hands down, are denim (blue or white) and leather. I love texture, in quilts, throws, baskets, and fabrics. I like lots of rustic and earthy things and a bit of lace and softness too. At least I know that much about my decorating style. The rest is still a struggle.

    These are some inspiration photos I have been admiring lately. I continue to look for more.

    All above photos:BHG
    This is a fabric I chose for my familyroom. It is Liz Claiborne Delmonico Blue Paisley. I love the blues and the paisley has that kind of western bandana feel to it.
    Do these photos help to define the quiz results of 'Crafted Simplicity'? I don't know. I will continue to visit my favourite blogs and websites to gather more inspiration in my quest to define my decorating style. I would love to hear your opinion.

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How do you define your design style?

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