Az. Blogger Lunch

    Our group photo. From left sitting is Oliva, Majia,Laurel,Margarite and Ceekay, then standing is me, Linda and Laura. On the right we have Jamie, Aiyana, Myra, Karen, Cyndi, and Sherry hiding in the back. Standing is Char and Liz.

    Yesterday we had the Az. Bloggers lunch, and what a great time we all had. It was fabulous to meet fellow bloggers and make new friends. We had lunch at a cute little Tea Room call Gooseberries in Phoenix. There were 17 in attendance and just the greatest and most fun ladies you could ever meet. We all had such fun.

    We had huge surprises in store also. On the left is Cyndi (Applestone Cottage) from Wisconsin who was here visiting and on the right is Karen (Some Days Are Diamonds) that drove over from Calif. to surprise her. They've been blog friends for years but had never met. It was a wonderful meeting and surprise. Tons of laughs and hugs.

    Ceekay was also so surprised that Karen drove all the way over here. Keeping this a surprise was hard, but such fun.

    Everyone talking at once and getting to know one another, you can just imagine all the laughs and giggles.

    Jamie, Char and Liz.

    Myra,Sherry and Aiyana.

    More posing for pictures. Seems like we've known each other for years.

    Cyndi and Karen.

    Laurel and Margarite.

    Ceekay, Linda and Laura.

    And of course when you get a bunch of bloggers together there are always gifts. This is Laura showing some darling "Boo" letters.

    Myra and Aiyana unwrapping their treasures.

    Jamie showing her teapot tassel.

    Char with a darling burlap pumpkin.

    and I'm overjoyed with my treasures of candy, a bundle of wheat, a lovely halloween box, halloween flag, a pendant and sparkling cider. I was definitely the most spoiled of all.

    Just the neatest group of ladies you would ever want to meet. Everyone one of them so charming and warm. It felt like we had all know each other forever.

    This is a look at all my stash of goodies that I came home with. Aren't bloggers just the most generous people in all the world.

    Here is a list of all these wonderful ladies blogs. If you havn't met them, please go by and get acquainted. You will absolutely love everyone of them, and such fabulous and talented ladies. I sincerely thank each and everyone for a wonderful day. I had the greatest time.

    Majia ( Char (
    Jamie ( Linda (
    Liz ( Sherry (
    Ceekay ( Margarite (
    Myra ( Oliva ( Laura( Karen (
    Cyndi ( Aiyana (

    P.S. Does anybody know why the first picture isn't always showing up on the dashboard directory? I see that some pictures are just a sliver and others don't show up at all. Anyone have a clue?

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