Have You Ever Had A Decorating Block?

    Have you ever had something that you just loved and still couldn't find a way to decorate with or around it. Well, that's my problem with my favorite Soup Tureen. It is a Fitz and Floyd and I love every single detail about it, however, I really can't figure out how to show it off. I have it sitting on the dining room buffet and it seems like just odd things wind up on the top of the table and always looks like an afterthought, which it really is. This is what I saw this morning. Pretty bad.

    So I cleared everything off and put out two gold candlesticks. This is not very impressive.

    Maybe two white candlesticks. This isn't any better and the candles are all wrong.

    These candles don't look any better.

    So maybe to emphasis the fruit theme on the tureen. All I have on hand are some apples, so let's just play with those. A couple of cloches, a birdbath, and a leaf. This isn't bad, but it's really just a little cutsie.

    Ok, pull out some different things and try again. This is better for right now.

    A gold charger, a couple of candlesticks, two leaf bowls and a small pumpkin is enough.

    I think every detail from every angle of this tureen is lovely, and it really does stand alone all by itself.

    So I've finally settled on this, and it looks great with the dining room table centerpiece.

    So what are your suggestions? I always get inspired by all of you. So, what would you do?

    Thanks so much for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.

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Have You Ever Had A Decorating Block?

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