Crown Mason Jars

    Mason jars, especially the old blue tinted ones with zinc lids, always make me wonder what they used to store.
    I found these three at a garage sale a few weeks ago, dusty and forgotten in the bottom of an old box. 
    I was happy to get this trio of Crown jars for $1 each and brought them home for a gentle wash. I love the age, the blue tint, the bubbles and waves in the glass, and the glass and zinc lids.
    When I look at them though, I always wonder what they used to store. Was it someone's prize winning preserves, or a young girl's first attempt at storing the summer harvest? How many seasons had this one jar been used before it ended up in that old box, covered in dust and sitting neglected in the basement.
    I'm glad I found them and brought them home. They will soon join my collection on this shelf. I won't use these retired beauties for my homemade strawberry jam.  But I will enjoy my view of them when the sun shines through the skylight over our kitchen table. And I may spend a few moments wondering what kitchen they came from and what they held.
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Crown Mason Jars

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