Learning and many names

    I thought I would share one photo from my first attempt at a tablescape some months ago. I said then that I need more practice and to collect some more goodies. I am still trying to do this. I was Northern01 on RMS back then. Then I started leaving comments (always kind I hope) as Elizabeth. While drifting around blog land I came across another blogger with the name 'Elizabeth'. I decided to change mine to 'Elizabeth in Ontario' a while back so as not to be a copycat or whatever. All these names became so confusing. When I set up my new blog I decided on 'blue clear sky' and after much fumbling around I think my comments will now be as 'Elizabeth blue clear sky'. I hope. Thanks to Susan at BetweenNapsOnThePorch for sending me some directions. I am open to more suggestions especially if it helps me as I stumble around Dashboard/postings etc. Thanks also for the kind comments left by some bloggers I admire so much.

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Learning and many names

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