Making Drapes ~ Awards ~ Show and Tell Friday

    Thanks to Kelli @ for hosting this Show and Tell Friday. Please be sure and go by her house to see a list of all the other participants. You won't want to miss a one.

    First I want to thank Luanne @ for presenting me with this GOLD STAR BLOG AWARD. You can also reach Luanne @ I first met Luanne at Micasa and since we have become very good friends. She is so talented and such a really sweet lady. She paints beautiful murals, raises horses, decorates, enjoys her family and lives on a gorgeous farm. Be sure to go by and visit her, you will so enjoy her blog. Thanks so much Luanne, you're a special friend.

    Let's make some drapes.
    Since so many of you have commented on the drapes that I made for my Living Room and commented that you didn't know how to make them, I thought I would give you a really short sewing lesson and let you see how very easy they really are to make.

    This picture shows the two fabrics I used. Just sew the two pieces together and cover the seam with a fringe or braid. Makes it look really custom.

    I cut the my drapery fabric 9ft. long. For lining I use a twin sheet from Walmart that only costs $4, much cheaper than lining fabric. Cut off 12" on one side of the sheet and all the hemmed edges except the big top hem. Place right sides together with the big hem placed 9" from the bottom of the drapery fabric. The sheet will not come quite to the top of the fabric, that's ok. Just sew the two sides together.

    Turn right side out. You almost have a drapery panel.

    Make sure that you have the fabric smoothed out and the two returns of the drapery fabric on the sides even. Fold the top down 6" and then fold under 1/2" and either hand stitch or sew on machine if the stitching won't show on the front.

    Press carefully, making sure to keep a really straight edge on both sides of the panel so your return facing is straight and to insure the drape will hang smooth and even.

    The photo below shows the back side of the drape all sewn and pressed. I am going to sheer this panel on a rod, so I sewed another seam 2" down from the top to make a pocket for the rod. However you could either make pleats now or hang from rings or clips. You've just made a drape.

    This picture shows the front side of the top with the rod pocket.

    Since you used a sheet your lining hem is already done. Yeah, that's one step you don't have to do. Turn the bottom up a double 4" for the hem. A double hem gives the drape weight so it will hang smooth. Blind stitch hem and you're done. Now you can hang it and enjoy your handywork. Congratulations, that was easy wasn't it?

    Thank you so much for stopping by, I always enjoy your visits. Hugs, Marty

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Making Drapes ~ Awards ~ Show and Tell Friday

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