The Surprise in Fabrege Eggs

    When I did the post on my China Cabinet and Fabrege Eggs a lot of you wanted to know what all the surprises were in the eggs. Each one has something different. I've tried to show below the detail and surprise of each egg.

    This egg is a music box that plays Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. The little stem folds very flat to the side of the egg so it is hardly vixible.

    This one opened and held 3 tiny little fabrege eggs that I had put on a charm bracelet. They are all very small with different decorations on them.

    This one opens to display a beautiful purple interior with another small fabrege egg hanging inside. The outside is decorated with different stones on each side.

    This egg is a clock. The bezel comes off so you can remove the clock face and insert a small battery and then replace the clock and bezel.

    This egg has a place on three sides for a small photo. The bezel comes off so a photo can be trimmed and placed inside and then replace the bezel.

    Thanks for asking. They are just copies of Fabrege Eggs but they are fun and so filled with detail. Marty

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The Surprise in Fabrege Eggs

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