New Washer/Dryer and Laundry room re-do coming soon

    Our Kenmore washer broke this week. Again. It was supposedly a 'Super Heavy Duty Extra Capacity' pair. The first set we had as newlyweds in our first home lasted 12 years, with often young family members staying with us while attending college. Loads and loads. When it was no longer worth repairing them, we replaced them with very similar model, also Kenmore from Sears (Canada). Big Mistake. When the washer broke in less than a year, we knew to buy the extended warranty. When it broke again, they came and 'fixed' the washer. Clothes should not still feel very wet when they come out, but they did. Extra spin cycle and extra dry time. Now, less than four years since purchase, Sears refused to extend the warranty. We were told they were not obligated to send to us or call us for extended warranty renewal. Funny how they call almost weekly for us to extend the fridge, stove, range-micro and dehumidifier! When the washer broke again this week, we decided enough was enough. Out with the Kenmores. Our hydro and water consumption, let alone the environment, will benefit. I did some research, keeping our budget in mind, and picked a mid-line washer and dryer pair from Maytag. Some had great features, cute colours, etc. but I was looking for affordable with the features I KNOW I will actually use. This weekend I will paint (out goes the 10 year old painted stencil) while awaiting their delivery Tuesday. After that some updating of decor for our oh so small second floor laundry. Now I'm off to check out some laundry rooms for inspiration.

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New Washer/Dryer and Laundry room re-do coming soon

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