Thrifty Dish shopping

    I have drooled over all the gorgeous dishes that all you gals display in your hutches and on the fabulous tablescapes you do. so finally it got the best of me and I had to start hunting for dishes. Yes Debbie, I am becoming a dish addict. My first hunt was for brown and white toile, and that proved to be nearly impossible on a nothing budget, so the next choice was white. I love the way it makes everything pop. I've heard so many of you talk about Goodwill and I hadn't been there in years except to drop off. So I decided to check it out. Over the past few weeks I have haunted the two near me and the treasures that I've found are unbelievable. I was surprised to learn that Goodwill has 50% off days. Boy have I been missing out all these years. Everything is from Goodwill except for a couple of things that I've noted.

    This is the first ceramic collander I have ever seen with such fabulous detail. I love the raised fruit design. This gorgeous creature was $3.

    This covered dish had such a pretty shape and I loved the scalloped edge and the great finial on the lid. For $2 how can you leave it behind.

    I needed some basics and these two can be used in so many ways with flowers, fruit and my moss ball. These were $1 also.

    This darling little cream and sugar don't match, but they're so cute. $1 each

    I have to be honest that I had forgotten about these when I spotted the 12 below, but there are 6 of these. The octagon shape and the simple edge made them favorites immediately, and besides everyone needs 18 plates don't they.

    I found these 2 patterns and the ones below all the same day on GW's 50% off sale, and all for 50 cents each. 12 plates to mix and match all at one time.

    This is another 4 from GW for 50 cents each. I love the edge detail.

    I found 4 of these basket weave edge plates for 50 cents each.

    The cabbage salad plates and bowls were from Ross on clearance for $l each.

    The wonderful shape,pierced detail and scrolls made this plate perfect and only $2.

    I thought the pierced edge on this plate was just gorgeous and again only $2.

    There are 9 of these by Johnson Bros. Friendly Village. I found 4 at Ross on the clearance aisle and the other 5 at GW, all for $1 each.

    There were 4 of these and I couldn't resist with all the beautiful scroll design and delicate flowers on the edge and center. These were 50 cents each.

    Isn't this the prettiest little china egg. I loved the flowers and since I love eggs I just had to have it for $2.

    Thanks for going shopping at Goodwill with me, I've had a great time and hope you did too.

    I've been honored with a fabulous award.

    I have to thank Christine @ for a fabulous new award. If you have missed her you really have missed out. She does the most wonderful tablescapes and decorating, and she's been on some fabulous trips and shares them all with us. Please go check her out.

    This award is given to someone who shows great Attitude and Gratitude. I so appreciate it. Now I'm suppossed to pass this along to 4 other deserving people.
    1. Luanne @ This lady will amaze you with all her talents and the beautiful farm she lives on.
    2. Laurie @ I'm sure most of you know her, one of the sweetest ladies on earth and so talented. She is a must read in blogland.
    3. Kathysye - She doesn't have a blog, but I am pushing. You all know her from RMS and her fabulous spa bathroom that was #1 for months. Her home is as warm and welcoming and friendly as she is.
    4. Jeanette - You all know her from RMS as jfell. She has that gorgeous kitchen that is still #1. I'm pushing her to blog also. All of her home is gorgeous, and she is the sweetest lady you will ever meet.

    Thanks again Christine, you are such a dear friend. Love ya.

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