Building a home for Bunny

    Our oldest son is a 4-H member, as I mentioned here. This is his 4-H Rabbit Club project.
    She is a Californian and is only two months old.
    K. built this hutch for her, following a simple plan in his John Deere hobby farm book. K. picked out all the wood at Home Depot and with the help of his younger brother loaded it in our truck. He then built the hutch himself, with only some safety supervision from Mom and Dad with the compound mitre saw. He had trouble with the design of the front door of the sleeping box so for now it is just screwed closed.
    K. spends lots of time visiting and caring for his rabbit. He also works with her each day, practising for
    4-H judging competitions. 
    With all the allergies in our family we have never had house pets. Pets are not my thing, either. I was a bit worried about how this would all work out but I am very proud of how he is handling the responsibility. J., our youngest, and hubby are in love with her too, often visiting her throughout the day.

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Building a home for Bunny

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