Hydrangea in the Backyard

    The hydrangea blooms are plentiful this year so I kept some on the patio table. Peeking from behind are
    a few of the pillows I sewed for the windsor chairs.

    Wave Petunias and ivy on what I am told was an old cheese board(?)
    We're getting lots of use out of our little fire bowl.

    More hydrangeas in an old Crown mason jar. I love the zinc rings and glass lids with the crowns on them.
    Pretty blooms under the screen gazebo. 

    I have received lots of kind comments from my last post. I was surprised to hear the hydrangea called green. I always thought of them as white. Many are quite white, but I realize now they have a green undertone. Especially the ones that were not quite open when I cut them (due to impending storm.)

    Hoping you can enjoy some time outdoors this weekend!

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Hydrangea in the Backyard

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