Adding Some Architectural Interest~Tackling Another Wall

    The trim above our kitchen cabinets is installed and today we picked up trim to start on the kitchen wall/TV nook/fireplace wall. (An updated puppy picture is at the end of this post.)
    Our plans to add architectural interest with trim, and some inspiration photos, are in my previous post. Getting good photos with the lighting in our kitchen is challenging but I'm sharing the progress we made today. I was having trouble deciding what width of trim to use for the horizontal and vertical pieces on the lower walls, but after trying out a few, I decided on 6" and about 17" spacing between horizontal pieces.
    We used 8" mdf for the baseboards (finishing trims will be added soon) and 6" for the vertical, horizontal and top pieces. The thickness is 1" (3/4" true dimension.) There is still lots and lots of caulking and painting to do, but I really like seeing these three lower walls roughed in. I dislike my kitchen floors (even though I picked them 12 years ago), but replacing them won't be in our budget for some time.
     The breakfast bar will be getting some trim in the near future too.
    The trim (without a top trim piece) is 61" tall overall. The trimmed area will be painted white after the caulking is done. I considered using another horizontal piece of trim, essentially making three boxed sections, but saw this idea in my inspiration home dining room, Blue River Cottage.
    The photo below shows the height of the wall at this end of the kitchen and family room. Another future plan is to beadboard the yucky popcorn cathedral ceiling around the skylights. I figure that has got to be less messy than scraping and sanding it all down.
    It is amazing what a bunch of mdf and a few hours can do. I will be leaving the freshly painted white backsplash as it is until after Christmas. Now the really difficult decisions begin as I try to figure out what to do with the TV nook/ off centred fireplace side of this wall (the TV nook is still the former BM Concord Ivory.) I really want some kind of mantel before Christmas so I hope we figure out what to do soon.
    For those who kindly inquired, Remington is doing really well and she is growing quickly. This is her with our oldest, K, tonight. He was trying to get her to stay still for a photo, but not tonight apparently.
     If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them!
    Since this project is helping to add more white to our home, in the form of trim, I'm linking to Funky Junk's SNS White Theme link up. Be sure to stop by for an awesome time, but get yourself a snack and a drink, 'cause you're going to be there for awhile.

    I'm also linking to Volume 9 of Project Diaries at Stories of A House. Thanks to Crista for hosting this link party that has so many great projects linking up.

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Adding Some Architectural Interest~Tackling Another Wall

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