Sweet as Can be!

    I love finding accents that remind me of agriculture and this local Ontario label makes this piece a keeper.

    This honey can was a $5 find at a local antique place. The sticker said $8 but when I got to the cash, the guy said 5 bucks. I had a choice between this blue and white, or a red/white/green can, but blue fits our style better. I think I need to spray the interior with a matte sealer of some sort to keep the rust from transfering.

    Rusted, scratched and a bit dented, it sure would have some stories to tell. The '8 pounds net' is definitely a sign of age (Canada has used metric for a number of years), as is the absence of bilingual labelling (French and English).

    I also discovered some snowshoes at the same antique place, but for $75 they will stay there. I'll stop by occasionally to see if they get marked down.

    I'm joining Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays at Coastal Charm. Stop by to see some great finds.

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Sweet as Can be!

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