Never Say Never

    You wouldn't believe how many times I said we would never get a dog. Or all the reasons WHY we would never get a dog.
    Meet our new puppy! Remington, Remi for short.
    Our oldest son K, 13, has been seriously begging pleading asking for a dog for the last 8 years. He even got his younger brother J, who is a bit nervous of animals, on our case. As one of my older nieces said, Auntie Liz finally caved in.
    They have shown their responsibility with the rabbit and 4-H. We have negotiated for 3 months. 
     Tuesday night we brought her home. She is a chocolate Lab, 13 weeks old.
     Very, very cute, and remarkably well behaved considering she has been with us only two days.
    It was about time for me to lose some of my hang-ups. To live in the moment. To be a little bit more relaxed about grass clippings at the door. Puppy nose prints on the patio doors. Our boys are growing up way too fast and this is something we are fortunate enough to give them now. Next up, puppy obedience classes.

    I'm sharing this older post with The Nester's Take a Risk link up. Some people may wonder why I chose getting a dog as a risk, but for us it was a big risk. She is a fairly significant money investment, and some days is a lot of work or planning when one or more of us would rather be doing something else. But the best part is that at now eight months, she has turned out to be worth the risk. What is your risk?

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Never Say Never

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