Painting the kitchen~Looking for advice

    I always admire people who plan a project and work at it until it is completed. I'm guilty of having lots and lots of plans and quite a few unfinished projects. Sometimes it is due to our budget and other times I just get distracted or don't know how to finish. This is one of those times.
    I love the paint colour on most of our main floor, a neutral beige, Benjamin Moore's Stone House. It goes from our entry, through to our family room and back around to the kitchen. Or, most of the kitchen. This is where I have the problem. I started the kitchen and didn't finish because I had some trim ideas that I had to figure out. In the above photo, you can see where the Stone House stops at the kitchen breakfast bar. Changing our counters, flooring or cabinets is NOT an option. The yellow is what I am painting over.
    If you look above the cabinets to the soffit, you will see where I have started to paint Benjamin Moore Cloud White. Today I carried the white across the soffit because I plan to add trim and make the soffit look more like part of the white cabinets.

    {Sorry for the quickly taken photos mid-paint job!)

    Today I also used the white to paint the backsplash, mostly to get rid of the yellow, but also to see how the white would look. I'm not sure I like the white on the lower backsplash area. Should I continue the Stone House across to the backsplash area? It seems more logical as the rest of this wall in the eat-in area is Stone House. Or should I try the white for awhile (this is just first coat of paint.) 
    I would eventually like to add white subway tile or beadboard, or mini 1 inch tiles, but I have too much other trim work planned first. The painted backsplash will have to do for now. I would also like to change the brass knobs, even though my sister and bil so kindly bought them for us for Christmas a few years ago.
    And if you have time to comment, do you have an idea what I should put above the sink? I have had a framed print here for years, but it would need updating. Would a mirror look weird there? We had to get all new appliances over the last three years, and I actually chose the white. I'm thinking the stainless might have been a better idea. {sigh} Thanks for stopping by and for any input.

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Painting the kitchen~Looking for advice

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