Going Greener ~ Bar Mops

    In our home, we have long been guilty of using lots and lots of paper towels.

    Even though our region has a compostable kitchen waste recycling program that includes paper towels, I decided to try and reduce our use of them. Better for the environment and money saving too. Did I mention that my husband goes way overboard with paper towels and uses almost half a roll to clean one patio door?!!

    We have lots of rags made from old towels, but I wanted a supply for the kitchen that were a little nicer looking. I chose white so they could be easily bleached too. I bought several inexpensive bunches of small bar mops and thin dish towels to use for quick wipe ups and to swipe dirty fingerprints off our white kitchen cabinets.

    I think it helps to have them handy in a cute container so we are more likely to reach for them. We hang the soiled ones to dry in the laundry room and then wash a bunch at a time. I also like that they are so sturdy compared to paper towels. We still use paper towels, but not nearly as many. Now I need to work on using more earth-friendlier cleaners.

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Going Greener ~ Bar Mops

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