My Quilts ~ Northwoods

    Northwoods is the name I gave this scrappy quilt. The main fabrics I worked from are novelty prints with a lodge theme (moose, canoes, snowshoes, bears, pine trees, mountains...)

    I made it around 2003 (I drew up the pattern after seeing a photo of a similar pattern done in flowery fabric.) This was an inexpensive quilt to assemble because all the fabrics were bought on sale or collected. Not a single piece of fabric was from a quilt shop. The off white fabric is muslin and the black borders are broadcloth. It was a great and cheap project for a young mom (me) on a budget.

    Our oldest is hiding behind it to hold it up.

    The backing is the same as the binding, a navy blue with white dot/cross-hatch that was free from a friend.

    This quilt is also in our basement guest suite. I've sent a lot of the 'northwoods cabin' themed decor accessories to the thrift store this week trying to simplify, but I'm keeping this quilt.

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My Quilts ~ Northwoods

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