March Break ~ Day Trips and Spring Cleaning

    March Break is coming to an end this weekend and we have accomplished quite a bit.
    We did some fun things like visiting the farm.

    We took a day trip to the Mennonite area of St. Jacobs and Elmira, Ontario.
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    We stopped at the Ontario Livestock Exchange (K's favourite), Picard Peanuts (J's favourite), and the Quilter's Nine Patch quilt shop (my favourite.) Hubby's favourite part is lunch and driving through the country. By letting the guys hang out at the livestock exchange to see animals and livestock trucks (apparently this is fascinating) for a couple of hours, they sleep in the truck are very patient while I stroll through the quilt shop. This time of year is so quiet compared to the hustle and bustle of market days during the summer and fall seasons.


    We also accomplished lots and lots of sorting and organizing. We took several boxes and at least 7 large garbage bags of stuff to the thrift store. It is nice to start spring with all our closets organized and all the boy's too small clothes cleaned out. I was way too into it to take many photos, but I couldn't resist a photo of the mess in the entry hall cupboard. Embarrassing, but this was right after we emptied all the junk from a day trip out of the truck (looks like I need to fix the door panel too.)


    I already had the baskets and they fit much better than the cheap plastic ones in the before. Being heavier they don't tip over either. It's too early to put away all the scarves, hats and mitts but they are so much tidier now. The top left is for our dog Remington's stuff, and J, K and I each have one. When warmer weather comes and actually stays, all the winter gear goes in lidded plastic tubs on the top shelf of the hall closet. The baskets will then hold sunscreen, summer hats etc. Our home doesn't have a mudroom or side entry, so all traffic and stuff comes through our small front entry. This little pine cabinet is narrow enough not to get in the way but holds enough to make it practical. The cutout in the wall above the cabinet lets much needed light flow into our living room, but makes it impossible to put coat hooks on this wall. In lieu of that I added hooks to the trim in the first set of steps into the basement. My teen boys are allergic to hanging their coats and hoodies on the hangers in the more convenient closet, so hooks are the solution. Now I'm off to drool over some gorgeous mudrooms. SIGH! Have you started any spring cleaning or organizing?

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March Break ~ Day Trips and Spring Cleaning

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