Denim and Vintage Crochet ~And Opinions Needed!

    I adore denim and white. I would wear it all day, every day if I could. I also love vintage crochet in whites and creams.

    So, I decided to combine my love of denim and white and add more of it to our home. I started by making quilt inspired denim and white pillows for our leather couch. When I reorganized my studio/hobby room, I came across some vintage crocheted pieces. Using an old pine frame, some dark wash denim and a vintage crochet piece, I came up with my own kind of art. I decided not to reuse the glass. This is where I need some help (sorry for the blurry photos!)

    The room is pretty plain so I decided to try a wall gallery similar to this PB one, but in colour instead of black and white.

    Our living room right after being painted BM Cotton Balls and trim BM Snowfall White.

    I need opinions please! Am I on the right track? Should I scrap it and start again on the wall with the ladder (a bigger space)? I really want to use the large photo I took of a favourite barn but thought it was too small by itself. Should I bring the Cows in a Field cross stitched piece lower and not include the denim and crochet piece in the gallery? Or should I continue to fill in the empty spaces? So like me to start hanging before I totally have a plan! I would love to hear what you think 'cause I am at a standstill right now.

    Some of the frames are empty still, and I haven't bought anything yet, just using what I have so far. The perfectly rusty large paper clips are from the giveaway I won at 3 Ring Cottage. I'm looking forward to hearing opinions.

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Denim and Vintage Crochet ~And Opinions Needed!

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