Aqua Crown Canning Jars ~ The lids

    On my recent collections post, I had some comments and emails asking about the lids of my aqua crown canning jars.

    The lids are original to the Crown mason jars and most came with the three piece lids -one zinc ring, one matching glass seal with the crown logo, and a rubber seal ring.

    The jars are really old and have bubbles inside the glass and their shape is not always uniform (a few of them are lopsided and even though a bunch are qt. they are slightly different heights.)

    I broke two of the largest ones I had two years ago and actually gave some away before I realized they were something I wanted to collect. For more of the hydrangeas and our dining room changes, click here.

    Did you catch the peek of our new ladder find? Or new old ladder find. It is in new condition but I'm not sure if it is old.

    I found it at Habitat Restore in Owen Sound, Ontario while browsing with my sil. I asked if it was for sale and the guy said 'sure, $10.' Uh, sold. Love the galvanized support pieces.

    And just for fun, sepia in Picasa.

    I love my collection of mason jars, the aqua Crown, clear glass Crown and even a few with the wire/glass lid tops. If you would like to see more posts on my jars, check here and here and here.

     I hope this answers the questions I received and I hope you have a great weekend (long weekend here in Ontario.)

    I'm linking up with SNS at Funky Junk Interiors 'cause I hate missing Donna's great party!

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Aqua Crown Canning Jars ~ The lids

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