Breakfast Room Redo - Met. Monday

    Thanks again to Susan @ for hosting this Metamorphosis Monday. Please visit her to see all the wonderful ideas and inspiration that everyone is sharing. You won't want to miss a one.

    With every move and new home to decorate, there's always that one room or area that what you had before just doesn't seem to fit or work, and so you plan to replace with all new. That is the case with my kitchen/familyroom/breakfast area combo. The family room furn. just seems way to big and no matter what I do it is just hard to make it work. For a while I have looked for a new smaller sofa and couldn't find anything that I thought was right. Then our economy hit the skids and so I decided to put off the hunt. Well now I am tired of this area where we spend most of our time looking so bad, so I'm making do with what I have and doing some thrifty decorating. Below is a picture of the sad state of affairs I had left the breakfast room in. No decorating at all, just sit the furniture down and leave it.

    I finally decided to get my act together and use a little bit of imagination and some thrifty fabric ($3 yd.) and make some drapes and to do a little house shopping and see if I could pull this area together. I know this is not the prettiest spot for the computer, but I love to have it in this area of the house because it allows me to watch tv, cook, visit with the family and also visit all of you at the same time. I've decided to leave it and embrace it. Well just going through closets, shelves in the garage and the kitchen cupboards I was able to pull enough together to make a huge improvement. It may not be perfect, but it does look better.

    Boy have I ever gotten a million decorating miles out of all the plates I've been finding at my Goodwill. I put a few around the mirror to give it a little more importance and pizzaz. It really does look better doesn't it? Did you notice I also put some on the table with the soup tureen? Goodwill has definitely become my favorite store.

    The adjoining familyroom is also going through a transformation. I am using all the furniture that I thought wouldn't fit and making it work. Just have to hang the drapes and do a few tweaking with accessories and hopefully it will be done this week. I think we can all make do and still have a pleasant home if we just look around and think positively.

    Thanks for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.

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Breakfast Room Redo - Met. Monday

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