Familyroom/Kitchen/Breakfast Room - Met Monday

    When we moved into our home a couple years ago, it was new but really builder bland. The kitchen, breakfast area and familyroom are all open to each other and while we spend most of our time here, it has been the most ignored area. I wanted all new furniture and the kitchen was so bland with white walls, light maple cabinets and beige formica. I tackled part of the kitchen with a mini-remodel first while I shopped for furniture and worked on the rest of the house. As time has passed, and our money tree shrunk I have been reminded of what is a want and what is a need. Watching tv and seeing all the people loosing their homes and everything they have has given me reason to be thankful for what I have and to see what I could do to make it a more welcoming space. Some of these pictures you've seen before in previous posts, but I have included them here again as this is really all one area.

    The first thing we did was paint the walls a dark yummy chocolate brown. This at least made the cabinets look better.

    Next I polished the cabinets with dark paste wax, added hardware and replaced the island top with a gorgeous granite remnant (this was a fabulous gift), added a new sink and faucet. Major improvement.

    We extended the counter with the granite, added the corbels and now it is a great place for someone to sit and visit while I'm cooking or to have a snack.

    The breakfast area is directly across from the kitchen. The furniture was moved in and nothing was done. I was still shopping and trying to decide what I wanted. Just click on any of the pictures to enlarge.

    Well when I decided to get my act together I started with yards and yards of $3 fabric for drapes and a lot of wonderful GW finds. All of the dishes came from GW and I have had so much fun with them. I love the hunt and get so excited when I find a treasure.

    This picture is taken standing beside the island looking into the breakfast and familyroom area.

    This is the familyroom area with all the furniture that I thought was way too big and I was so tired of it and wanted to replace.

    Well a few drapes that I made and more accessories from around the house and the GW and I really like the room now. It looks so much more inviting.

    This shows how the familyroom and breakfast area are one room.

    The entertainment center sits on the wall next to the kitchen and across from the sofa and is also filled with more GW treasures.

    I am thankful for what the Lord has provided and I am reminded daily to pray for all that have lost their jobs and their homes. Such a valuable lesson to look around and be thankful for all of my blessings and to make the most of what has been given to me.

    Thank you for stopping by, I always appreciate and look forward to your visits. God Bless

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Familyroom/Kitchen/Breakfast Room - Met Monday

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