Met. Monday - Guest Post by Kathysue

    It's time for Met. Monday hosted by the gracious Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch. Be sure to visit her blog to see all the wonderful things everyone has been up to. You will find tons of inspiration and eye candy.

    Today I am so thrilled because my very dear friend Kathysue has agreed to do a guest blog showing some of the rooms in her home and how she changes them for the seasons. If you've visited RMS you've probably seen some of these rooms, and you may remember her master bath that was #1 all time favorite ever. It is stunning as well as the rest of her home. You will love her place and the changes she makes.

    Hi fellow bloggers, I would like to thank my dear friend Marty for inviting me to do a guest post on her blog. This is my very first attempt, so bear with me........... I love to make changes in my home for the seasons so Marty thought Met. Monday would be a perfect time to show you how I do that. First I will show you some pictures of my fall/winter look. You will see that I use touches of black and white in my green kitchen. I love the warmth that this color combination gives me in the cold weather.Here is my dining room with the warm glow of lamps and a green pumpkin surrounded by white winter berries(sorry no orange is allowed in my house).

    This next picture shows the corner of my kitchen with a little accent lamp which just seems to work for all seasons. I use a black mirror to reflect light and the white Rooster is for a little whimsey.

    Inside my cupboards I use black and white transferware. It is always a classic in my book and perfect for the fall and winter months.

    this is an overall view of the fall dining room

    Now you are about to see my Spring look. I actually have two looks for you. The first is an all white that just feels light and airy after the cold months of fall and winter.

    This is my pink and white look.Now who doesn't think of pink for Spring when all the flowers are blooming outside. I look at this it just makes me smile. Are you starting to see, you don't have to change the world to get a new look. Just with adjusting a few things Voila' a whole new look.

    It is now July and boy does it get hot here in California so now it is time to cool things up a bit. Make a list of things that make you think of summer.Since I like to cool things down a bit in my home my list consist of crisp,cool, blue and white, green ferns growing in the shade, a glass of ice cold fresh lemonaid or sparkling water with a slice of lime. After you make a list see where you can add your favorite summer elements to your room. Here is how I did it in my kitchen.Same corner now cooled down with the same lamp but now we have a blue and white plate and a white bunny(remember I love a touch of whimsey)

    I have added some clear blue glasses to my white dishes and one blue and white floral covered dish. Not an earth shaking transformation but it still gives me a cooler feel for summer.

    Here is a blue bowl full or ice cold watermelon, after we polish this off I will change its contents with an abundance of lemons and limes for my cool summer drinks.You will notice the blue gourd shaped lamp. I know it is a bit contemporary for my rather traditional home but I love the color and the shape. It is my nod to Christopher Spitzmiller, without the price tag. Are you beginning to see how easy this all can be?

    Finally the Summer dining room. The lamps have been replaced with ferns that grow in the shade.I have added a blue tablecloth as a backdrop for varying sizes of blue and white containers.

    I hope this helps you to see your homes in a different light and maybe you can find ways to change your homes for the seasons. Everything that I used to change my kitchen and dining room I already had. It is fun shopping your own home and seeing items in a different spot. Try it I think you will like it, Happy Decorating, Kathysue

    Did you notice how she used mirrors on the doors in the dining area and by the window in there too. Also how she used mirrors in the cabinets in the kitchen. It really reflects her decorations and the light and makes the spaces seem even larger. I love how they just seem to be part of the architecture without screaming mirrors. Just another one of her many decorator tricks and touches.

    Kathysue, I am so thrilled to have you do a guest post. Your home is just gorgeous and I know everyone got to see a ton of eye candy and some great inspiration. Love ya'.

    Hugs, Marty

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