Met. Monday - Redoing a Bench

    Thanks again to the wonderful Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch for hosting this wonderful event. I always look so forward to seeing what everyone has been up to. Be sure to visit her blog to see what she and all the others have been doing.

    I have been so excited that we will soon have cooler weather and really in the mood to get the patio and back yard all fixed up, and then you have a bump in the road. Well a crack in the cement actually. All of a sudden a crack and water bubbling up from the patio area near a sprinkler. DH took the sledge hammer and chipped away the concrete to find a broken pipe. Ok, so on to the repairs and then chip out the rest of the section and repour concrete. We really hadn't planned on this, but oh well, could have been worse. Only problem is it was 105 the day he was chipping out the concrete. Not a good thing.

    When all of this work was done, this is the way the patio table looked. I think he was too tired to clean up anything else. Bless his heart, I don't blame him.

    With that little chore taken care of. I was ready to get all the patio furniture cleaned up and redone. This is a bench that my parents made for me. It is a copy of an Antique Bonnet Bench that I had seen and was soooooo expensive. They copied it to the letter and surprised me with it in 1976. Precious gift. A good washing, sanding and then a new coat of Spar Varnish and it will be good as new again.

    This is a view of the patio table and chairs all scrubbed and the cushions all washed and ready to use. I love Sunbrella fabric. You can take the hose and wash all the dust off and it dries and looks brand new.

    This is the cute little Rooster planter I found at GW this week for $3. All I had right now was a few Dollar Tree flowers, but a trip to the nursery and a pretty Geranium will look gorgeous in it. The rooster is sitting on 4 wicker placemats that I taped together with sheetrock patching tape that has held up for about 6 yrs. It can also be hosed off, so much easier than a tablecloth.

    Here is my wonderful little bench all varnished and ready to be enjoyed. I have some of the same fabric cushions on it that I have on the yard bench. It kind of ties the two area together.

    I really enjoy the bench on this wall of the patio. It gives us another place to sit and the grandchildren always like to sit on it.

    The patio is all scrumbed and cleaned, just a few more pots with plants and some wall decorations and we will be all set for the cooler weather. I can hardly wait.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. I always appreciate your visits and hope you will come again soon.

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Met. Monday - Redoing a Bench

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