Remembering 9/11

    I'm sure most of us remember exactly where we were that day. We remember who we were with, or more importantly, who we wished to be with as we heard the first horrible news or saw the live footage on t.v. We remember the feelings, of disbelief, numbness, grief, fear and anger.
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    I was at work that day, in our classroom with several other staff, and got a phone call from my husband. I wanted so badly to go home to my husband and kids but only had a 30 minute early morning break. I went to my car to phone my husband and decided to drive past my brother's home. My brother and his family lived behind our school. I knew they would be at work, his kids at school but my need to be with family was so strong. Surprisingly my brother's truck was in the driveway. He had dropped his kids off at school and had returned for tools when he heard the news. We stood in front of his t.v. watching the horrific news. The information we were seeing was so confusing. At first I did not understand when the second plane hit. I thought it was more tape of the first. But my brother knew. And he was exactly where I needed him to be at that moment.

    The rest of the day and many days to follow were filled with following the horrific news, seeming to be glued to the t.v. whenever we could be, reassuring our children, praying... Remembering those who lost their lives and the loved ones they left behind. Remembering the bravery of those who rushed to help others, from the fire and rescue personnel, to the strangers helping strangers in the streets. Remembering the kind people helping others in cities and towns where planes were grounded. Remembering.

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Remembering 9/11

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