Meeting A Special Blogger Friend

    Friday afternoon Ceekay @ Thinkin of Home and I had the thrill of getting to meet Mary @ Mary's Meanderings while she was here visiting her in-laws for the Thanksgiving Holiday. She and her husband came down from Colorado. I was so happy when she notified me that she was going to be in the area and possibly we could get to meet. We were able to get a time set up for Friday afternoon and Ceekay was able to join us. (In the above picture Ceekay is on the left and Mary is on the right.)

    Mary and her husband have begun a new Ministry in Colorado. It was so interesting to hear how they were led to this new adventure. She is just as gorgeous and gracious as she is in her blog. They bought this wonderful huge old home and they're in the process of bringing it back to life. If you don't know either one of these ladies, then you definitely need to check out their blogs. They are both so creative and such truly lovely women. Ceekay and I both had the best time. It's always like you are meeting a very old friend when you get the chance to meet a fellow blogger.

    As usual, whenever bloggers get together there are always gifts. I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I was when I opened my beautiful gift bag and found this beautiful cloche. Isn't this the most wonderful cloche you have ever seen. MARY MADE THIS!!! I am so impressed. She took a candle holder and glued it to a beautiful little dish and then she took a glass container and attached the gorgeous finial and now I have the most fabulous cloche. I can't wait to decorate it for the upcoming "Holiday Cloche Party". Now does Mary know how to give the most perfect gifts in the whole world or what.

    Mary thank you so much for making the time for us to get together. I had the best time and it was so wonderful to get to meet you in person. I really look forward to seeing you when you come back.

    Hugs, Marty

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Meeting A Special Blogger Friend

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