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    Thanks to the gracious Chari @ Happy To Design for hosting this wonderful meme. She has so much to share and a list of all the other wonderful participants that will show you some past favorite posts. Be sure to go by her blog and see them all.

    Thanks to the lovely Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch for hosting these fabulous metamorphosis mondays. It is always such fun to see everyone's projects and transformations. Be sure to check out her blog to find a list of all the wonderful participants.

    Today I am joining both Sunday Favorites and Met. Monday. I am showing a post I did on April 27th. Hope you enjoy.

    Today I am featuring my laundry room. I don't have a before picture, but it doesn't take much imagination to picture a white room with nothing. I have been busy trying to find a place for all the collectibles and treasures that didn't previously have a home. I found the perfect place in the very stark laundry room, and now I love to go in there. This turned out to be the perfect place for a lot of my primitive antiques and a lot of needlework that I did many years ago.

    Standing in the doorway, this is the view that you have. I put my craft and sewing cabinet against the right hand wall, and now I can really use it. Everything is within easy reach. The room is long, so there is plenty of room for the door to the garage to open against the wall.

    There's room for the second refrigerator next to the washer and dryer and I love the cabinets above for lots of extra storage for cleaning supplies and laundry stuff. I did the applique quilt block years ago and framed it to use as wall art.

    The top of the refrigerator was the perfect place to put my antique American Flyer wagon. This piece is very old and very unique being wood. On top of the cabinets I put my dad's old wooden tool box filled with flowers and an antique child's toy horse.

    A better view of the wagon. You can see part of the lettering that says American Flyer. I have a plant and an antique tin sitting inside.

    Above the washer and dryer I hung this old side panel of a wooden box that held Ivory soap. Yes I know, the appliances are old, but they work great and I'm used to them.

    This is another view to show an overall view of all the things I have hanging on the walls.

    This is the wall space between the garage door and the craft/sewing cabinet. My Mother painted the poppy plaque (a fabulous treasure) and I did the quilt block that's again framed. The washboard and other items are things I collected years ago.

    More quilt blocks and collectibles above and on the craft cabinet.

    An applique needlework piece I did years ago, framed in an embroidery hoop, an old painting of kitties, a 1929 calendar and on top of the wine cabinet my 1902 Sears catalog, bee hive and tin.

    A cross stitch sampler I did years ago hangs above the garage door.

    A crewel "Welcome" that I did and a Log Cabin quilt block that my Mother did. She also made the frame.

    My grandmother's two flat irons. The small pointed one was used for all those ruffles that she wore. She heated these on a wood stove. The blue butane iron was one my Mother used when she was young. The wood plane was my fathers. He used that when he built his first house. The tricycle holds a plant in the basket.

    A closer view of the quilt block and other items hanging above the craft cabinet.

    As a grandmother of 12, I have to have my bragging wall. The refrigerator door is the perfect place to give me a smile every time I walk into the laundry room.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed all my old things. I appreciate it every time you visit.

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Sunday Fav - Met Monday - Laundry Room

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