Even though baskets can look great empty, I keep finding more and more ways to use them in our home. There are some really well made, high-end and antique baskets available, and some even increase in value over time.

    While I love to admire these quality baskets for inspiration, I tend to buy my baskets on sale or at yard sales. When I thought about it I realized there is at least one basket in every room in our home, sometimes many. I'm getting pickier when I buy baskets too. I try to stick to simple ones, the more rustic or beachy looking, the better. I am hoping to find links for instructions to whitewash or stain some baskets soon. Most of mine are light coloured, but not as light as my photos show. I need a better camera or maybe I just need to figure out how to use the thing. :)

    Our family room t.v. cabinet has baskets on the shelves that originally held a stereo. We fill one large basket with quilts the kids can pull out when they snuggle on the couch to watch t.v., and the other holds puzzles and colouring books etc. Oops, please excuse the dust, it shows up on the black so easily. Another basket in the family room holds floor pillows.

    Our kitchen pantry cupboard (still a work in progress) has some great baskets with natural linings from Canadian Tire, a local home/auto/garden/sports chain. I bought both rectangular and oval on sale for $2.49 each, so I got a dozen! They hold paper napkins, linen napkins and cookie cutters. Paper plates and straws are easily toted to the backyard for large family barbecues.

    A big, low basket from a yard sale sits on our breakfast counter to catch school agendas, notes and homework for easy view and pick up.

    A great basket from IKEA holds cookbooks on top of the fridge.

    I carried measurements of the pie cupboard for months before I found the perfect basket to hold/hide Tupperware lunch containers.

    A picnic basket we received as a gift at our wedding shower holds bathroom necessities beside a pedestal sink in the powder room. Oh, I really am tired of the main entry/half bath ceramic tiles. They look really pink in this photo :(

    I found this cute basket with the leather strap at a yard sale for 50 cents. I think it is intended for a wine bottle. I'm still thinking of how to use this one.

    We have four bathrooms and baskets are a life saver for items behind cupboard doors and for keeping towels easily accessible. Hand towels and facecloths in baskets are close at hand in our ensuite bathroom and the main (kids) bathroom. Towels for guests are sorted by size in the basement guest suite bathroom.

    Another IKEA basket holds DVD's in our masterbedroom for our family snuggleup and watch movie nights.

    Our laundry cupboards hold various baskets for rags, lost socks, etc. A large laundry basket perched on top of the cabinets is for clothes that need to be dropped off for charity. Easy peasy--wash, fold, toss and when it is full, hubby drops them off on the way to work.

    Our kids room's have baskets for books and toys.

    My hobby room, still a work in progress, has baskets to sort the many sewing, wrapping and craft things I store in the cupboards. My snazzy Dymo label maker helps me organize everything.
    I got these baskets from a yard sale for a grand total of $1.50. Now I need to decide where to use them. I have admired the painted numbers on some baskets. I would love to hear if readers ~I hope I get at least one :) ~ have other ideas for whitewashing or staining baskets. Wishing you a great day!

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