The Miracle is Complete

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    Sometimes it's hard to remember that the Lord is always in control and He knows the beginning and the end. It's also hard to believe that an event that is your worst nightmare can also be your biggest blessing. Let me explain these comments.

    Two years ago this July my oldest grandson was in a horrific auto accident and was ejected. He suffered a very serious Traumatic Brain Injuury. He was in a coma for several weeks on total life support. His left arm was badly broken, but he was so unstable they couldn't do surgery and it was agreed that life was more important than limb and if they had to amputate that was ok. His prognosis was grim at best if he made it at all. Each time the doctors gave us a deadline of things that he had to be able to do, the Lord met that deadline one day before, starting with breathing on his own as the first milestone. Gaining conscienceness, learning to swallow, talking, sitting up, standing, learning to walk again - all of these were miracle milestones. You see the accident had shirred his brain and they didn't think he would be able to do any of these things. We had hundred of people praying all over the world and the Lord was so faithful to answer every prayer.

    My grandson's name is Keith. At the time of the accident he was just a few classes away from graduating from ASU. This wasn't going to be a cake walk because he still had some of his toughest classes to finish such as advanced courses in Physics and Nuclear Technology. The doctors didn't think he would be able to resume his studies. He spent several months in the hospital in rehab and then several months at Barrows Institute for more rehab. Every day he became more whole. They were able to do the surgery on his arm a few weeks after the accident and put in a 9" rod from the shoulder down to the elbow. He has worked very hard and has full strength and use of this arm with no signs of the injury except where you can see the scars where the screws were put in.

    Why I say the miracle is complete is because tonight he will graduate from ASU with his Engieering Degree with his major being in Nuclear Physics. Wednesday night he sat with all of the ASU students as President Obama delivered the Commencement Address. The Lord completed his healing several months ago, but for some reason seeing him walk across the stage and receive his diploma will be the period to the sentence to me. He has a couple of scars on the back of his head and that's all there is to see that he was ever in an accident. He is completely healed with no signs of ever having any kind of brain injury at all. His doctors openly admit that he is a miracle. People that meet him today really can't believe he ever had a brain injury. He is just exactly the person he was before, no bodily scars, no side effects, no signs at all that anything ever happened. When the Lord healed him, He healed him 100% in every way.

    So when I say one event can be your worst nightmare and your biggest blessing, his graduation is such a blessing. It is the Lord's way of showing the world He was in control all along, and that He still does miracles every day.

    Keith believes the Lord saved him for a purpose, and often wonders what it is the Lord has in store for him. I can't wait to see the rest of the Lords plan and His many more blesssings He has yet to reveal.

    This is a pictue of Keith at at his Birthday Party a couple of weeks ago. His face got really red as all the waiters and patrons at the restaurant sang to him.

    Thanks for listening to my story of one of my greatest blessings ever. I am so thankful and grateful for the Lords mercy and goodness.

    Hugs, Marty

    P.S. Waiting his turn to walk up on stage to receive his diploma. Thank you Lord.

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The Miracle is Complete

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