Let's Go Shopping

    I had to run to the store for a few things today, and everytime I have company from out of town, they are always fascinated with this store. I had my camera, so I thought I would take a few pics.

    I love these pretty yellow plates. I think I have to buy some of them. They have beautiful flowers embossed on them. (Remember to click and see larger detail.)

    Here's another yellow choice. I can see a really fun tablescape with these.

    Love the colors of these. Can't you just see a summer or garden tablescape.

    Maybe these for an outdoor BBQ.

    Have you guessed where we are yet? We're at my local grocery store. No wonder I have a hard time trying to remember to buy food. lol It's a store called Fry's Marketplace. They really do have food, but they have so many wonderful things that you can spend hours just browsing. Sort of like a Walmart, but nicer and more upscale. However the prices are just about the same, and the food is actually cheaper.

    How about some basics.

    More basics.

    Love the yellow.

    Beautiful seafoam green. Can you see the little chef plates. I had to buy the square salad plates.

    Love the plates with the grapes, and the gorgeous raspberry dishes.

    Gorgeous blue and white and look at the vibrant dark blue. Aren't they great.

    How about Southwestern Design.

    These plates could go with a lot of various styles.

    Sorry this is so blurry, I just love the colorful little pig platter on the bottom shelf.



    Do you need a new pan?

    Clocks - Candles

    How about some new linens?



    More accessories.

    Lamps or Picture Frames.

    The pictures below show it really is a grocery store, but that's the normal dull part of it.

    Hope you enjoyed shopping with me. It really is a fun store.

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Let's Go Shopping

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