Lampapalooza Party!

    Thanks to The Nester, , for hosting a lamp party! I was very busy this week and didn't put together the post I had planned. However, I'm dropping in at the last minute with this quickie.

    Two of my favourite lamps are these I assembled with old blue Crown canning jars. I love the wavy effect of the glass and the blue colour. I bought the cord and lamp kits at a local country store and with a bit of adjustment they fit the larger size jars well. I like the narrower shades I found, the wider style I originally tried seemed too wide. I'm keeping an eye out for similar sized shades in a more rustic style (or I may try covering these in burlap or something.) They are in my undecorated hobby room at present waiting for final placement in the room after I finish painting and decorating (this is taking waaaay longer than I had planned.)

    No before pics of these lamps I picked up for $10 each at Canadian Tire. They were a rusty brown colour with a cream and rusty shade with a rose pattern. Nice toile shades, but not really my colours. I spray painted the bases black and added new shades. Please ignore the skimpy tassel. I need some Nester tassels for sure!

    I hope you enjoyed my quickie post and be sure to stop by The Nesters for some more Lampapalooza Party fun!

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Lampapalooza Party!

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