Cleaning up and Organizing

    I wonder why it is you can look at something and it doesn't bother you and then all of a sudden one day you just have to do something about the big mess you have going on. I keep most of my crafting paints, glues and that sort of stuff in the laundry room, and I also have a cabinet that holds my sewing machine and accessories in there. It seems that as I collect more and more stuff, there is no place to put it. I finally decided it was time to organize this "stuff".

    I have two double door cabinets above the washing machine and as I looked at one of those cabinets, I thought I could better use this space and also clean it up at the same time. Do any of your cabinets look like this? lol Kind of open the door and throw it in.

    Then the cabinet that sits across from it looked like this. Yikesssss! What a mess. It has the two doors and then below two drawers. I think this needs cleaning up too. I know there is room to put more "stuff" in here. So I got myself really busy, emptied both of them out and cleaned the shelves really good and started to organize a little bit.

    Now, this is 100% better. I put all the light bulbs on the top shelf. (I don't know why we have so many.) Then I took the left side of the cabinet and organized all the vac bags, belts & sponges on one shelf, then below it all the cleaning rags. Yippee, I had the right side free. Empty and clean as a whistel. So I decided that the spray paint, stain, tape, brushes and all that sort of stuff could go there very nicely. Much better. Now onto the cupboard across on the other wall.

    Wow, I gained so much room I can even store some of my knick knacks and seasonal things. Plus I can put a lot of the candles and other things I use for my tablescapes in here and have them all in one place.

    Plenty of room for some seasonal items, candlesticks and candles. These things take up so much room and I previously had them stuck in a cupboard with some of my dishes, now I have room for more dishes. Hurrah!!!!!

    On these two shelves I was able to put all the staple guns and staples plus the hot glue gun and glue sticks behind the iron, and then I still had plenty of room for the basket that holds all the small glues, exacto knife and all the little stuff you just have to have. Plus I can find the tape now too.
    Below that I still had plenty of space to put my sewing machine and my sewing caddy with room left over for a couple other accessory items I'm not using at the moment. I can really see and find things now and it won't all fall out and hit my toes every time I want something. lol

    The two bottom drawers were a mess mixed up with gift bags, ribbons, tissue, wrapping paper, cards and tags. I took it all out and organized all the bags on the bottom of the bottom drawer, the wrapping paper next and then the tissue. Can you believe it all fit so nicely and nothing is crushed. Now I had an empty drawer. What a great place to keep all the ribbon, candle holders, rocks, sea shells and all kinds of little things you need for crafting projects and tablescapes. Yip-skip!!! I love it. Now I can see and find all my "stuff"

    Thanks for stopping by and excusing my mess. It does make me feel so good to have something a little more organized. Now on to the kitchen cabinets. Now that will be a much bigger job!!! lol

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Cleaning up and Organizing

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