Met. & Thrifty Monday - Thinking Fall

    Thanks to Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch and Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality for hosting these two wonderful events. Be sure to check out both of these blogs to see what they've been up to and to find a list of all the participants.

    Recently I went to a book sale at the local library. I found three really wonderful decorating books. This really got me to thinking about how much I really admire the Country French look and would love to bring some of that into my home. Secondly I am so ready for fall and thought maybe it was time to start bringing a little fall into the house. It's time for a lot of the white and the daisy's to rest for a while.

    The first book I found is Charles Faudree's Country French Living. Now I know this is Debbie at Confessions of a Plate Addict's favorite designer, and her gorgeous home really reflects it. I love her place and her style.

    All the books were really mixed up and you just had to dig through piles. Then I found Charles Faudree's French Country Signature. Now I was really doing the happy dance.

    I just kept digging and I finally found Secrets of French Design by Betty Lou Phillips. I thought these three would give me plenty of eye candy to look at and for a total of $12 I felt really happy. They are all three in perfect condition.

    Armed with all the knowledge I learned from these books I started looking for Frenchy type accessories. This brass stand was given to me years ago and while never my style, I did cherish it in memory of a wonderful friend. It use to have a crackle glass bowl that sat in it and has long since broken. I decided that I would give it a coat of paint to age it a little. I chose Ant. Bronze and got busy.

    Next I needed some kind of bowl to fit in the top and found that a clay planter worked perfectly.

    I think it looks better, but needs a touch of gold.

    I had a can of gold paint and sprayed a little on a paper towel and gave it a few highlights. Much better. After a little more tweaking, it matched another piece that I have.

    The LR has looked like this since February. Very light and airy for the summer. Let's change it up and bring in a little fall.

    See the elephant box, it matches the planter almost perfectly. I did a floral arrangement in the bowl, and also put the shell balls I made on marble egg stands and placed them in the tray. I've just shopped the house for all different accessories.

    Now to change the end table between the two leather chairs. Some books to elevate the lamp, a plant and then a big cloche with an antique dish, a faberge egg, a scrimchaw tusk that belonged to my DH's great-great-grandfather and an antique lady's magnifying glass. Works great.

    The antique transferware dish is also very old. I love the long rectangular shape.

    Rugs were a must in the country french design. I only have one and so I took it out of the breakfast room. The color will work and the size isn't too bad.

    Tons of pillows in different fabrics and a tapestry one is a must, all with a lot of fringe and tassels. I shopped the house and brought in pillows from everywhere. I don't have a lot, but now I have an excuse to hunt for fabric and fringe. lol Maybe some toile, plaids or checks. I also put a group of spheres on the skirted table.

    I've had this riding scene tapestry pillow for over 20 years. I just added some fringe around the edges to give it a little facelift.

    I brought in the ottoman that my DH and I made a few years ago. The fabric matches some of the pillows and the skirted tablecloth.

    I used the tabletopper that usually goes on the skirted table and scrunched it up and used it on the dining table to tie all the fabrics and colors together.

    Finally, just a couple of pictures of the finished room for now. There's always the possibility of more change. lol Not a really heavy fall look and not very frenchy yet, but a fun change.

    All of this was totally free, I just shopped the house, so I think that qualifies for the Thrifty Monday, but in case it doesn't, this is a picture of a lamp I found this week at GW for $10. It's perfect on the end table by my chair in the familyroom.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and wading through this really long post. I always appreciate your visits and your comments.

    Hugs, Marty

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Met. & Thrifty Monday - Thinking Fall

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