Our summer porch entry

    Welcome to our home!
    I love our little front porch! It provides a sheltered spot for our family and guests to enter our home, a great spot to sit and a fun space to decorate seasonally. This is the main entry to our home. We do not have access from the garage and only patio doors in our backyard so it gets tons of use by our rambunctious boys and our guests. But it is such a great little spot that it deserves the attention. I know I am late in joining but I would like to link this to Nester's Price My Space Party. Stop by Nesting Place to see the other great spaces http://nestingplacenc.blogspot.com/

    (It took me this long to figure out how to use Photobucket to add the numbers and blogger wasn't letting me load pics and then move them. I had to delete them all and reload them in reverse order. Very frustrating!)

    We have a builder home in a great neighbourhood but large porches are not at all common. Most homes have an even smaller porch or unsheltered steps out front because most homes here, ranging from 1500 sqft to 4200 sqft have the garages out front. The porch is one of the reasons we chose our model. ~~Now let's Price My Space~~
    #1 Little Wicker Table, yard sale $3
    #2 Chairs with back and seat cushions included (sold from a damaged set), Wal-Mart $23 each
    #3 Pillows, BouClair Home, sale $5 each
    #4 Terra Cotta plant pot, yard sale, 50 cents
    #5 Votive holders and party lite candles, yard sale, $2
    Total for this picture below: $61.50

    #6 Wrought Iron Plant stand, free from one of my SIL

    #7 2 Black pots, Fortino's Grocery Store, $10 each

    #8 Angel, I painted white, my mom got from a yardsale and gave to me

    Total this Picture: $20
    #9 Copper coloured rectangular plant holder, local flower shop, $35
    Total this picture $35

    Grand total for my summer porch: $116.50 (Canadian funds)
    The chairs and plants were about the only things I bought this year, the rest are things I had previously bought or had given to me and re-used on the porch.
    White impatiens and ivy.

    A six pack of white Geraniums. I'm on the lookout for a better side table to hold a cup of tea and a magazine. That little wicker piece will probably move to a new spot.

    A great little spot to sit and visit or relax. Stop by and I'll make you a nice cup of tea or a cold drink.

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Our summer porch entry

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