Little Projects ~Picture Frames

    Sometimes all those makeovers and projects we see in blogland can be inspiring, and sometimes they can make us feel overwhelmed or discontent with our own homes.

    There are lots of great posts out there on how to be content with your home (the Nester comes to mind as someone who tackles this subject well.)  One way I handle this is to try really hard to find time to complete easy and achievable projects between the larger ones. Keeps me motivated! Little things like picture frames in the wrong colour can really bug me, but a little bit of paint and effort can easily transform them.

    -before: tabletop frames from a yard sale, a little too formal in tones for our home-

    -leftover aqua wall paint-

    -white spray paint-

    Project Cost:
    frames              ~ 50 cents to $1 each at garage sale
    paint                 ~ leftover
    5x7 reprints      ~  39 cents to 99 cents
    Total Cost        ~ $1-$2 each

    What little thing can you do today or this week to make you happier with your home?

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Little Projects ~Picture Frames

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