A Windy Day and Goodbye Gazebo

    This is what we came home to today after school.

    We enjoyed a beautiful sunny day today, but it was very windy all day. This is what our less than 2 year old gazebo looked like before, solid top and screened side drapes:

    We stored it indoors over the winter and our oldest son and my niece just put it up two weeks ago.  Today the whole canopy ripped right off the supports and the peaked bars came down. It is ripped right down the middle of the top canopy and many bars are bent. 

    K, my super handy 14 year old set to work tearing the rest down. He is wearing the hardhat because when he put it up for the first time last year, a pole slipped and hit him. Lesson learned. I just saw on facebook today that the same thing happened to hubby's brother and sil's gazebo, a two hour drive from here, except theirs blew up onto the roof!

    We won't be replacing it with another screened gazebo because we just were not happy with the quality vs. the price, after the first summer (locking bars that would not lock anymore and needed duct tape etc.) So it looks like I will be buying some patio umbrellas some time soon, because a beautiful permanent pergola just isn't in the budget.

    Happy June, everyone! We have one month left of school here, and therefor one month left until I'm off for the summer. You can believe that I am counting the days!

    Edited to add: My coworkers (and neighbour's) patio table flipped over, the top smashed and the umbrella snapped in half. My sister (also a neighbour) had her umbrella break too (and they were both closed.) I saw two gazebo's similar to ours torn to pieces too. Must have been quite the wind!

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A Windy Day and Goodbye Gazebo

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