Our Entry - Mirror Change

    In my post from yesterday on our front entry, I mentioned switching mirrors. This is the other mirror.

    I love woods and have quite a few pieces in our home, but when I saw the photos I thought the pine paned mirror might be too dated. I'd love your opinion! Below and here is our entry from yesterday with the pine mirror:

    And this is with the other mirror. Another option would be to hang two identical mirrors, one above the other, because this one is a bit smaller.

    I have two of these mirrors and three matching frames that I could paint white if the colour is not working. The other same sized mirror is propped on the floor in the photo above and the 3 empty frames are about 10 x 13's.

    The detail on the frames is lovely. So which do you think looks better? Should I paint these frames white or another colour like my favourite blues? I'd love to hear what you think.

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Our Entry - Mirror Change

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